Video Production


Corporate, Personal, and Promotional Video Support.

LAD Studio produces videos for marketing, training, or any special event. Our 10+ years of video production experience means we know how to refine your message and capture it to resonate with intended audiences. To maximize your return on investment, we can also repackage your corporate video for your website, YouTube channel, social media outlets, or on a professional DVD that can be included in marketing and press materials. We specialize in capturing the moment, whether it is for your business, capturing a personal event, or documenting a sporting activity…we can meet your needs.

  • Aerial footage of properties, businesses, or scenic surroundings
  • Event video shoots
  • Commercials or marketing video/editing
  • Sporting events, capturing the moment, and documenting activities
  • Action videos to add media to your company website
  • Photography and video production to be used for social content

Visit our LAD Studio YouTube Channel to see some of our video clips.