Measuring Results

Actions for Measuring Training Success

1. Identify the desired behavior that aligns with business goals

2. Provide training that conditions people to act or respond in those ways

3. Encourage the desired behavior outside of the training event

4. Deliberately seek to observe the new behavior

5. Document observation of the behavior

What is Learning? Is it a change in behavior or understanding? Is it a process? Let us design and administer surveys to improve your performance and employee morale.

Curriculum Development

Providing professional research, front end analysis, and curriculum development for our clients to support customized course requirements or as a unique service for industry specific needs is our specialty.  LAD Studio’s team uses an ISD model and breaks the curriculum development process into five basic steps to provide our clients a comprehensive solution with results.

STEP ONE:       Needs Assessment

STEP TWO:      The Planning Session

STEP THREE:  Content Development

STEP FOUR:     Pilot Delivery And Revision

STEP FIVE:      The Completed Curriculum Package and Evaluation

Business to Business Support

We offer Business to Business (B2B) support and assistance to help you think about, plan and start a business.

To find comprehensive and practical business advice about setting up a business in WV we recommend you start with a visit to You’ll find there the answers to all your business questions as well as answers to questions you haven’t even thought of yet. And there’s lots of links to other sources of support and information.

If you need additional support with your business plan, creating a business website, or social media, then we can offer you:

  • one-to-one start-up advice
  • support to write a business plan
  • advice on sources of social media/marketing
  • creating a business website
  • designing marketing and outreach materials
  • mentoring in a range of business areas